Avada is the most sold theme on themeforest marketplace since 2012 and with over 320.000 of sales and you can say that it’s one of the most used wordpress themes on the planet. Most of Avada’s success comes from the versatility that it gives you when you are buying it. You can use Avada for a multitude of projects ranging from digital agency to a fully fledged e-commerce shop.

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Why is Adava a great template?

In my opinion, a great wordpress template has to do 2 things properly to “sell” for the public. One of them is to offer a minimal customization option of the template without the need to know how to code. The other thing is to give the user a well defined design and performance.

Now it’s time to take a look into some of theme’s feature. I won’t go into much detail regarding the way Avada’s presenting content and different options because it obviously is doing a great job and you can literally change everything there is to the template from it’s powerful theme options.

Avada Theme Features

One of the main selling points of Avada it’s the template’s configurable demos. You can choose from creative, construction, pets and many other demos to implement ready to go for your business.

These demos are very well crafted and ultimately help the end user choose a defined style for their business.

Demo Installation and import

Avada does a very good job on importing and configuring the demos for the enduser. You simply need to log into your dashboard, find the demo you like and click import. It will configure and import it for you.

Page design and Craftsmanship

Each individual page and demo that I viewed had very cool finishing touches like subtile animations and effects. Altho I’m not a fan of cosmetics views in professional website design these things look cool and give a vibrant new view to the page.


Avada Sliders

You get 3 types of sliders and video-sliders for your hero area. Nothing more to say here, Avada got you covered. These sliders are configurable from the theme-options.

You also get a video backgrounds, a cool feature that will let you play any video as a page background.

Avada Fusion page builder

Another interesting feature is the custom page-builder that Avada makes available for new posts and pages. It’s very intuitive and has a bunch of layout options and widgets to style and position your pages as you wish.

The FusionBuilder is a multitude of options, layouts and widgets specifically tailored for you to get most of your content as possible. For instance you have the possibility to import a content page from a specific demo on the fly without much hassle.

Another cool feature of the fusionBuilder is the corellation with the option network of the template. This means that you can overwrite options for individual pages within the fusion builder.

One negative aspect that we will talk in more detail below is the fact that the whole drag and drop builder is extremly complex even for a technical person. This might get overwhelming for entry level users and the best idea is to modify as you need and don’t get lost in the backend.

Avada option network

One of the staples of the Avada wordpress template is it’s theme or template options. This curated list of options will let you modify and adapt your site with ease without any coding knowledge whatsoever.


At a first glance, this is one of the most powerful option grids we have ever seen, it will literally allow you to control every aspect of any page across the site.

As good as this sounds, like for the FusionBuilder, this can be overwhelming for entry level users that bought their first wordpress template, and even if the authors claim that you will save time, eventually you will loose more time trying to find out how to configure everything.

Other features worth mentioning

Some of the other ‘not so popular’ features that are as much awesome as the big ones are bbPress integration that will allow you to build a fully fledged forum, the WooCommerce shop that will build a complete e-commerce shop ready to sell.

One other nice feature that the guys at ThemeFusion made available are the video tutorials. You will learn how to configure your site with ease by watching a few video clips.

Avada wordpress theme Performance

The next topic I want to dive into is the WordPress performance aspect of Avada. Now, in our age and on the internet you need to have a site that is performant enough to handle even the most poor of connections.

“Well, I have a gigabit connection, why is performance important?”

Maybe this is not for you but as I saw the various demos from Avada that are chuck full of images and animations, performance will be a deciding factor for your customer if he will need to wait a few seconds for your page to load on his poor phone connection.

Page speed Insights

For our first test we will measure Avada’s performance with Google’s pages peed insights. We will pick a random demo for this (Fashion Demo).

As you can see, on the desktop the score is kind of low, 73/100 and one of my most concerned aspects is that each demo has vast amounts on unoptimized images added. This slows down the site immensely. Also there is render-blocking JS and CSS in the above the fold content. For a theme that is nr.1 the authors should ensure that assets (images/css/js) get deffered or lazyloaded.

For the mobile part it’s even worse, scoring a 71/100. Also I don’t agree to say that you have a performance score of A+ 100% when it’s not the case, as you can see in the following image.

For the following test I wanted to see how the site handles on the scroll performance especially on mobile. At first glance, the site si snappy and responds well to touch events. When I ran the test I was surprised on how little paint the site does, this means that the CSS manipulation and positioning is on point and modern tech has been put to good use.

There are some places where I can see some render blocking javascript but in all everything looks good on the stack. The frame-rate is a little poor somewhere under 20fps at times, but most of the times we have a 60fps app.

One consideration was when I opened the hamburger menu on mobile. There are some issues there with the javascript since I saw a bunch of forced reflows and very slow event handlers.

Avada Responsive

The last topic I want to touch is the responsiveness of the most selling template in the world. Since the authors spend so much time in making Avada one of the most complex wordpress templates in the world with some many demos and features, they need to make sure that the responsive aspect of the template is followed. We will take a look at the same demo (Fashion) and see how well Avada handles mobile and tablet.

For the mobile aspect, the page looks good, the majority of boxes are stacked properly, we don’t see any artifacts or weird UX bugs so I tend to say that everything is in order. If I would improve things here I would work on presenting the content a little bit differently trough some smart user interaction such as content sliders so that the page would not be so big.

Opening the network tab in Chrome I see that nothing gets lazyloaded. This can be easily fixed had has a big performance boost on every demo and page, especially on the e-commerce part of Avada.



Here is a list of things that I think Avada does best and why you should choose this as your next big project framework.

  • Plethora of theme options (control every aspect of the site)
  •  Page builder interconnected with the theme options
  • 10+ demos that you can set up very easy
  • Polished and modern design
  • Video Tutorials to help you set up.
  • Extensive support


It is almost impossible to not have some critique, even for the most awesome of products, so here it goes.

  • Extremely big with a lot of features.
  • Can seem overwhelming and hard to configure to a non technical person.
  • Low performance considerations on some pages.
  • Design is average, nothing impressive.
  • Responsive could use some work.


Avada is a great wordpress template, that has a great price-tag for what it’s worth. I highly recommend this template if you are planning to build something that is a bit more complex with a lot of considerations and if you want to change the design of the site often. Also this is the template for you if you are a more tinkering type of person. All in all, Avada is a great template but I would place it in the top 5 and not first place.

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