The big day is fast approaching and so many things are left to be done. One thing that you must not treat lightly is the wedding invites. One fun little project you can do with your SO is designing and building the wedding invitations.

To the people that you want to invite, the wedding invitation is the first thing that they come in contact related to your wedding so they need to mirror your style and expectations.

Deciding on wedding invitations can be a bit overwhelming at first, and many thoughts run trough your mind like paying for them, have them DIY or just going the cheap way. To many variables in the equation to comprehend but luckily we have you covered with a few printable wedding invitation examples and templates as well as some nice tips to get you started.

Wedding invitation templates are cheesy

To be honest, yes the majority of them are. But if you choose a premium design that is print ready you can get miles ahead of constant back and forth revisions with the creative agency.

Beach wedding invitation

Let’s take a look at China Blue Wedding Invitation. This hand crafted set comes with pre-arranged and highlighted layers that you can change on the fly and is also print ready. It’s designed in china blue and has a ocean feel to it.

If you fancy a beach wedding and want to have beach wedding invitations then this is the way to go. You can get the design here.

Wedding invitation wording

Wording has to be if not the most important aspect of the wedding invitation. There are some questions you need to ask yourself like “How formal I want to be” or “Do I want some quirky illustrations or a cool font”. After a few back and forth ideas and the style of wording is chosen then you will start to get an idea how the final design will look like.

Let’s look at Wedding invitation by PhilEvans.

wedding invitation wording

It has a minimalistic feel to it, but excellent wording. Notice how everything falls into place and aligns with everything. This is the think you need to look for when designing your DIY invitation, everything needs to align and fall into place perfectly.

You can get Wedding invitation here.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Today, invitation cards are not looked as highly as before and as soon as the event ends they are discarded and never looked upon. This doesn’t have to be the case every time. A well designed wedding card can bring back memories and you will end up keeping it forever. The next 2 cards are awesome, creative and elegant in their design and have a vintage vibe to their style.

The vintage wedding card templates can be used in other fields like a warming gift of valentine’s day to your SO or a cool little gift for mother’s day.

First let’s look at Vintage Wedding Invitation Postcard by DesignDistrict. It is print ready, easy editable with free fonts and comes in 3 formats PSD + AI + EPS.

Wedding invitation cards

Next is a beautiful wedding card design by marem. It’s print ready, you can edit anything on it and it also serves multiple events like birthday parties, gifts or more. Also you get a help file included if you get stuck on anything.

wedding card design

You can get this design here.

DIY wedding invitations

Thinking of diving head first into creating your own DIY wedding invitations? Never easier! First thing that we recommend is that you don’t buy expensive software to get them designed, you can do that within Photoshop. We prepared 2 awesome packs that include shapes, arrows, hearts and more.

First off, Wedding Invitation Starter Kit by Pixel Creative. It showcases a very neat and elegant typography with many shapes to choose from. It has a vintage feel to it and also a hand-drawn map of the states and hand drawn arrows.


You can get it here.

The next design we will look at is Wedding Invitation Package by Squirell92. With this pack you can theme your entire wedding. It includes the wedding invitation, save the date info, an escort card, rsvp card, menu card, information card, wedding postcards and more.


You can get it here.

All of these packs include free fonts that you download and install. You don’t have to stick to word fonts, be creative and bold.

For printing I think this article will be helpful to your every needs. It gets you started from printing at home to choosing the right company.

So this is it for our wedding invitation pack. If you have a cool design that you want to add to the list, drop us a comment below and we will have it reviewed.