Ever wonder why some schools or universities are ahead or the regular ones? It’s because they choose to stay updated with the technologies that become available. Today, online course management and course creation has never been easier to manage with the current tools.

Today we are going to take a look at WPLMS (WordPress Leaning Management System) and see if we can help you take your class and course management system to another level.

Who made it

I always like to start with a short presentation of the team (or individual) who made this awesome piece of software available. So WPLMS was created by Vibethemes, a wordpress company currently based in New Delhi with an outstanding contribution to the themeforest market place with over 2000 sales on over 7 items.

How can my students benefit

Good question. WPLMS is a full grown better learining management system ready made for small classes and courses. Your teachers can create custom made courses right on the frontend view, put them up for sale and students can come, buy the course and complete it.

Course creation

The course creation can be done directly from the Frontend view of the site, so no backend hassle. It features a nice step by step tutorial on how to create your awesome course.

  • Courses
    • You can create courses from the frontend view with ease.
  • Experiment with Quizzes and Groups
    • You can create custom groups, classrooms and Q&A Forums.
  • Sell your courses and classes
    • You have the ability to create/sell your courses. Even subscription/selling combos are available.

Instructor Dashboard

Every instructor has a designated dashboard assigned so you can check the full course activity, course stats and bulk actions for course memebers. With an intuitive design the instructor dashboard delivers quickly every aspect of a course action.

  • Dashboard
    • Dashboard view for easy course management.
  • Quizes and questions
    • You can create quizzes and Q&A sections right from the dashboard.
  • User management
    • Quickly manage your student or user base with bulk actions.

Statistics and records

WPLMS has a unique way of letting you know of your current progress. It’s powerful statistic management system lets you know of the subscribers amount in any given month, the activity of your admins or students and much more.

  • Course statistics
    • Track multiple statistics of every course you own.
  • Certificates and badges
    • Track how many students earned badges or have certificates.
  • Admin stats
    • Track administration stats for frontend courses, moderation stats and instructor stats.

Things that can be improved

We love every aspect of WPLMS but as any software, things can be improved and one of the things I would like to see is the social aspect of the learning system that codeschool or treehouse implements.

The ability to share your progress or badges across your favorite social media platform so others can compete/join in learning something new.


In conclusion, WPLMS is a great tool to start managing your course and/or classroom in a effective way. Althow it is not free of flaws the guys at Vibethemes are very strict in updating the platform so they got that covered. Also if you have trouble with setting stuff up or installing it, a very detailed documentation is available here.