Sentio Wordpres Template Review – Perfect WordPress Theme For any Project

Today we will talk about another nice free wordpress theme, Sentio. Made by the awesome team at DesignHooks it’s one of the best that I saw in a long time on the free wordpress directory.

It’s clean, minimalistic feel is perfect for any kind of blog/site with the power of becoming a great customizable tool if you buy the premium version that is miles away from the free version.

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All free: Cool Bootstrap theme – LightYear

As I was browsing Reddit today on r/web_design a nice looking theme cached my eye. At first I was skeptical because the title of the reddit post was a typo and when I visited the blog the title was the same. But needless to say I wanted to give the folks at designforhope a little link love so here it is. Good luck on your endeavors and many happy clients.

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