This week a client of mine approached me with a interesting request for a dining restaurant project. I knew I had to stir something up fast so I head on to themeforest and found Dining Restaurant – wordpress theme for restaurants, chefs, food and drink.

An overall great looking theme with a flat design concept perfect for what I was looking for. The theme featured a nice support system perfect for the time when I would get stuck and It had a nice WPML integration for easy localization of the content.

The owner of the restaurant ran by me the various features that he would like implemented and one of them was the possibility for the client to make reservations to the dinner servings. Dining restaurant got that covered so I was able to focus on other things.

Building the restaurant app

I needed to change the layout coloring and overall look of the theme. I saw that the guys over at ProteusThemes had made the PSD’s for the restaurant theme free so the whole process of updating the necessary colors were a breeze.

Social aspect

One thing that I didn’t like about downloading the files was the fact that I was somewhat “forced” to like or tweet about them for the download to begin. I hate being forced to do stuff so I can get something free.

In fact it’s not entirely free you must pay with likes and or tweets. If I want to share your theme I would tweet about it without you asking me to do so.

  • Free PSD’s
    • You have accces to free PSD’s for the theme
  • Dozens of theme options
    • The theme features dozens of theme options at your disposal
  • Developer friendly
    • Great developer friendly code perfect for hacking.

Notable features

There are many great features that the theme offers so you don’t get stuck implementing something for hours. One of the things that the client made me implement was a events calendar so he could list upcoming restaurant events like sushi or lobster nights.

Luckily Restaurant theme got that covered for me so the only things I needed to address were the look and feel that the owner wanted, just some font and coloring options.

I will talk in details about some of the features available so you can get a nice feeling of what you intend to buy.

Events marker

With the events marker plugin you can manage online events for your customers. It is already integrated inside Restaurant theme so you can schedule events quick and easy.

  • Events
    • Easy to use events plugin for event management
  • Multiple ticketing and pricing
    • Tichecking and pricing options available and already implemented
  • Locations manager
    • Event locations manager for easy access and google maps integration.

Reservation plugin

With the reservations plugin you can accept and decline table and restaurant reservations, send email updates, send booking times all from your wordpress dashboard.

  • Reservations
    • Easy to use and control reservations plugin
  • Easy email notifications
    • Accept and decline reservations and email notifications for all actions
  • Booking times
    • Easy booking times integration for quick updates and booking management.

Food and drink plugin

This plugin adds a nice touch to the food and drink menu. Already integrated inside Restaurant-theme you can quickly choose and manage your menu right from the dashboard.

  • Menu cards
    • Manage and edit your menu on the fly
  • Add price and pictures
    • Add price and prictures to every menu item directly from the dashboard
  • Guidance
    • Every menu item can include guidance like “All entres come with a salad on the side”

Other features worth mentioning

Some of the features that are worth mentioning are the WPML integration, a nice touch for the content localization, woocommerce integration for those restaurants that like to do takeout and delivery. Other features are an awesome responsive layout with tons of neat features and of course retina images.


Our final conclusion is that we highly recommend this theme for any respectable restaurant that wants to have a nice online presence. It’s various and neatly integrated solutions are worth the price of 58$ for a premium restaurant theme.