Hero is a minimalistic reading centered wordpress template similar to medium.com. It focuses the attention of the reader on the content without any distractions. It features a beautifoul body font that sets easy on the eyes for extended periods of reading. Also it’s lightning fast, responsive ready and built with Foundation 5 library for wordpress trough foundationPress.

What is Herosense all about

First of all, I have built Hero focusing more on presenting your awesome content and engaging visitors rather than a cutting edge design. Sure, all of us love a good parallax effect on every scroll and such, but I think that sometimes minimal is better and that’s why Herosense was born.

One of the main features of the theme is it’s hero images section for posts, pages, archives and more where you can set your prefered image to showcase your thoughts and emotions. We presented the images almost fullscreen in a heroesque type so it stands out in the crowd.

We don’t bother you with millions of configuration options. That’s what I’m here for, just drop me a line and for 15$ an hour I can configure and develop anything you want. Or if there are multiple requests for a feature, be sure to expect it in the future updates the theme will have.

What can you expect from Herosense

As we stated before, we focused mainly on content and second on design. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t include some awesome features that you can play with. One first feature is social buttons out of the box on every page and post. You don’t need any configurations, just sit back and let your visitors engage and share your content.

Another feature that we are proud of is the main page (index.php) hero images. It comes with 3 predefined header images from unsplash, and the ability to upload your own.

Another feature are some custom widgets that we prepared for you in the initial release, these are the Instagram widget and the Custom latest posts widget, bot being configurable out of the box.

We love SEO and social engagement, so build up your followers trough our built in hero buttons that you can configure in the Theme Customizer options. Also we built the theme to be SEO ready and tackle every bit of that Google juice.

Be awesome with Jetpack

We styled and designed the widgets from Jetpack to work in our widget areas such as the footer or sidebar. Install the awesome twitter feed and showcase your tweets. Also, enable the About widget and show case your wordpress.com profile. There are tons of widgets, pages, forms and goodies with Jetpack we highly recommend it.

Configuring your Herosense

Changing the Logo
Changing the Favicon
Changing the header images, and social accounts
Page templates
Post types
Changing the CSS
Recommended plugins
What to expect in the future!

For a more in detail configuration of the colors, fonts, and various layouts you will need to install sass and setup a grunt realm. Simply follow the instructions from here to get you started but instead of downloading foundationPress you clone the template from here.


To change the logo, and supply your won image simply head on over to Appearance -> Customize -> Logo & Author Avatar and upload your own image. Note! please keep it small and light, it will look cropped and weird if you supply a big image. Also, you can change the Author Avatar while your here, the same as before upload a 150×150 image that will appear in the header area of the site.

Changing the Favicon


For the Favicon, the support is right in WordPress. Same as before go to Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity, select the button for the Site Icon and upload your own favicon. You can create one here. You don’t need to crop the image if you generated the favicon from the site. When all is done save & publish.

Changing the header images, and social accounts


To change the header graphics, head on over to the Appearance -> Customize -> Header Image section on the customizer and you will be greeted with 3 samples of headers. I chose them from unsplash.com, so if you don’t like any of them, go to unsplash and get your pick. You can upload them to your wordpress installation and just publish your changes.

For the social accounts, you will need to go to Appearance -> Customize -> Social and input your facebook and twitter links. Or you can have the option to hide them from the header.

Page Templates


You have 3 page templates available. These can be found on the Page creation in the dashboard. The first is the Default Template with the sidebar on the right, the second is the full page template with no sidebars and the left positioned sidebar. Choose either of them if it suits your needs. Also you have the kitchen-sink template which adds all of the available elements that Foundation adds.

Post Types

Herosense supports all page types, altho I don’t think you will need all of them so we focused our attention on the most used ones. The video, image and default ones. These can be chosen when you are creating a new post and come with different media showcases on the index and also on the Latest posts widget that we integrated.

  • Video – Add any youtube link directly in your post body and it will be showcased on top of the post summary
  • Image – Add any featured image from the post creation page (down and to the right) and it will be showcased

Changing the CSS

Changing the CSS is a bit difficult because it was done in Sass, so in order to change anything on the site we need to edit style.css in the theme editor and overwrite the other styles that come with the Theme. In the future there will be a child theme that you can install and do your own customization there.


To change the CSS navigate to Appearance -> Editor -> Select the theme you want to edit and below the commented code add your own code.

Recommended plugins

The only plugin we recommend that has a direct impact with our theme is the Jetpack plugin. Other useful plugins you can install are:

What to expect in the future!

Hope you enjoyed this theme, as I enjoyed making it. I know it’s not perfect and it’s not like the ones that are premium on TF 🙂 Altho I try to integrate any requests you guys might have. Some plans for the future are a child theme, more color customizations, some shorcodes like the Orbit Slider and much more. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to find out when these will roll out. Also follow me on twitter 🙂