Today we will take a step back and review a simple and new PSD template from themeforest called Luxury – Modern Digital Store. Luxury was developed by prestapassion a fairly new TF user with only one item in the Themeforest marketplace.

Right from the start, I tought I would get a nice module base PSD template to use in my future e-commerce projects. But what I got was a simple homepage for an e-commerce website and not a complete e-commerce psd template.

What is Luxury missing:

From a quick glance, since opening the psd file, I was stunned that I got only the homepage and nothing else whatsoever. A standard e-commerce site has a homepage, category page, product landing page, product detail page and of course a checkout. None of these pages are present.

One other thing that I was wondering on how is the product tile presented. This is presented on the homepage within the “Featured products” and we have promotions, title, subtitle, badges, wishlist.

One thing that stood up is the search icon on each product tile. It’s pointless and doesn’t sever any purpose.


Atho it’s a 3$ pricetag, the design is mediocre at best with very few things to offer. I think that the TF team should step up the quality control for the items on all categories and not only the ones in the WordPress section.