Easy guide to product mockups: How to increase product conversion using images

Ever wonder why are some products selling more than others? The explanation is simple: Presentation. I to fall for this very often. I find myself looking at a product packshot and I think to myself that this looks awesome it must be awesome.

Having a product mockup built in a professional way can increase your actual product conversion rate. In the next few examples we will look at some techniques in which you can present your product so that it vibrates in the eyes of the customer and allows you most importantly to tell a story.

T-shirt sample product mockups

As you can see in the previous image, we showcase the t-shirt product mockup within a male model so we can increase the view angle and show how the shirt sits on an actual human. Also you can review how the graphic scales and skews in a real world example.

This is how you actually present your product lively on your website or brochure. You need to be bold and show the general idea of the product. The previous example is a T-shirt product mockup available for sale on graphicriver. You can buy & download it using the link below:

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Book product mockup

Most often on the internet we often judge a book from it’s covers. You cannot browse the book like in a bookstore so often you must impress the reader using a cool and vibrant cover product mockup.

As you can observe we are presenting the idea on a clean canvas with the product staged in the center. We are working with unusual angles and good light almost in a hipsteresque way of thought.

The pack-shot is molded over a few other cover of books that work the overall design of the product mockup. This particular example is the famous book mockup collection on graphicriver you can check it out below:

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Startup app product showcase mockup

Ever wondered why most of the successful applications over the interwebs are so popular? Mainly there is a array of factors that come together. First we have the overall app features that cause popularity and then we have the presentation. Take a look at the example below:

As you can see, by placing a tablet product mockup over a laptop you can increase the luxury and desirability of the product trough a simple image. This can showcase and place your product in the center of attention easily and effectively with a few simple steps.

This works wonders with freelancers and web-developers that want to showcase their portfolio in a more interactive and dynamic way.

This particular pack-shot can be found in the realistic tablet product mockup that is available on the graphic river marketplace.

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Stationary branding product mockup

Another way of showcasing your idea or business is by stationary branding mockups. In it’s own way this design presents a very minimalistic approach with a certain seriousness vibe.

By placing a center-piece that is unrelated to the mockup like the glasses we increase the overall interest in the business. This often is used to display elegance and efficiency. This portraits a elegant minimalistic side of your business. You can use this to showcase your legal firm or consultancy company.

This mockup is part of the Stationary branding mockup pack that is available on the graphic river marketplace. You can check it out below.

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For starters we did not even scratched the surface when it comes to product mockups. I hope I shed some light on the technique of increasing conversion using a few well defined and elegant scenes that you can use for your products.