Today we will talk about another nice free wordpress theme, Sentio. Made by the awesome team at DesignHooks it’s one of the best that I saw in a long time on the free wordpress directory.

It’s clean, minimalistic feel is perfect for any kind of blog/site with the power of becoming a great customizable tool if you buy the premium version that is miles away from the free version.

As usual we will talk firstly about the free version and what it can offer you and secondly we will have a chat about the awesome features that the PRO version brings to the table, and in adition we will talk about features, bugs, performance, responsive design, documentation, installation and pricing.

Sentio Light – Free on

Right out of the box you are greeted with a nice and elegant looking theme that is bound for the Popular tab on It’s very easy to install and doesn’t require additional plugins to work.

screenshot-localhost 8888 2015-11-17 10-31-32

Everything slides into place, and is neatly organized across the whole page. The content hierarchy is good, line-heights are set up properly and the content engages the reader to keep it’s focus on the actual post.

Sentio Lite Features

First, we need to talk about some of the features that Sentio brings to the table. I know they are somewhat light but overall it’s a nice adition to the theme. One of the first is the Customizer settings for the Header and Layout content.

Header and Layout content

Here you can define your Logo by uploading your own image (free of charge) or set it up as Text overwriting the blog-name. This is a cool addition that the majority of users will appreciate.


Another awesome feature is the Header Layout option where you can choose between 4 predefined header layous. It changes your blog’s appearance in a cool nice way with a simple click. You can explore these styles by going to Appearance -> Customize -> Header and select your Header layout option.


One thing that I don’t like here is the fact the only the first option has the “Header information” text visible on the page. This should be available on all of the options you can choose from. Same goes for the social icons, only the first, third and forth option show the social information, the second doesn’t. Altho this is not that big it would be a nice addition in the future versions.

Social Options

For the social option, the things get a little bit tricky and I stood there searching in the code for a little bit before figuring it out. The way you set up the social accounts in the header is by writing your account in the box the on the left side select the actual icon for the service.


You need first to add your account, select a different icon from the left, then select the right icon again for it to work. In my opinion this is a bug and should be fixed by the next theme update.

Also, the same principle appears like the Header information text, the icons appear on all 3 layout options but not on the second one.

Footer options

screenshot-localhost 8888 2015-11-17 11-11-51

Same as the header, you have 2 layout options, a stacked one and a 2 column one. Also you have the option as before to upload your company’s logo to the footer.

The remaining options are the default wordpress customizer options that wordpress ships with and are required to be supported. A nice thing I would have loved is for the header image to work, I saw that the code is present in the functions.php file but the template part is inexistent.

Sentio Lite Responsive and Performance

For the responsive part, all looks good on both tablet and mobile. On mobile you have a nice side opening menu that can be accessed by pressing on the hamburger icon. The font also scales and the images look to be responsive, so all good on this part.


For the performance, all is good and well over 60FPS for the scrolling so no chance for Jank when you scroll. There is a small javascript render blocking when you open the hamburger menu but that is low and should easily be fixed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.39.03

Sentio PRO

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the Sentio PRO version that you can buy. Currently it’s 39$ and works out of the box. The awesome team at designhooks supplied me with a PRO version so I can review the goods for you guys.

First time when you check the demo, it really adds the customization to a whole new level of design and the finishing touches really do seem to be at a premium level. Take a look below. 2015-11-17 11-46-05

Perfectly crafted with a cool and modern design it has everything you need to complete your next creative process. It really is ThemeForest ready, but with a much lower price so it’s a best buy in my opinion.


As soon as I installed it, the theme prompted me to install the DesignHooks utils plugin, a plugin made by the team to extend the features for the PRO version. It installed 6 custom post types that I can easily access and create specific pages for my site: Slider, Services, Promo, Portfolio, Workflow, Clients.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.57.58

As you can see it’s very easy to update/add slider options (slides) right from the dashboard.

Color options

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.06.20

You get dozens more colouring options to the customizer with the PRO version. And in this way you can customize the Header text colour, Background colour, and 1-7 colour ranges.


In the PRO version, you have the ability to change also the content, set up a static page as your homepage and do all kinds of crazy stuff with the new post types as showcasing your portfolio, clients and more.

The rest of the features that are available are also in the free version which is nice. Often I see templates with only a very limited amount of features and options that you cannot customize if your not that tech savvy but Sentio offers a good slice of the pie free of charge and that always is a plus in my book.


One thing I haven’t found on their site is the documentation. I think this is a very important aspect on configuring and setting up the template as the demo site or how the devs try to showcase it. It’s highly imperative that the guys over at DesignHooks set up a documentation page or even a demo content installation.


Since this review was published DesignHooks updated their documentation page and is available here.


The price is highly accessible being around 39$ which is well under the TF standard of 49$ so if you would like a template that has the quality of a premium TF version but with less money Sentio is for you.


Awesomely designed, low price, works out of the box and has great customization options even on the free version, I don’t think you should pass this up. Sentio is great and affordable and I give it 4.8 out of 5.