Today we will continue the streak of “Spotlight view”, a category dedicated to the most beautifoul and new themes, templates and skins that are out there on the big internet. Today’s turn is Adminre, a beautiful admin theme developed by JohnPozy a new Australian developer with a lot of sales on themeforest.

Adminre is a beautiful looking theme with Boostrap 3 at it’s core. It’s clean crisp look gives you a minimalist feel when you are in the dashboard of your app removing clutter, bloat and you feel like managing tasks and items easily.

Also it’s flat design lets you concentrate on stuff you are suppose to do instead of distracting you with unnecesary eye-candy all over the place. We say that from a design standpoint, Admire is perfectly designed to give just enough without taking anything away.


Adminre’s layout is a ultra-responsive, well rounded design suited for any device you might throw at it. It’s beautiful degradation of the main area is truly remarkable.


Some of the responsive features are:

  • Retina ready – work on your new retina macbook or ipad
  • Touch friendly – touch gestures
  • Native app fell – It really feels like a native app
  • Improved UX for mobile view

Updates and bugfixing

JohnPozy is very active in fixing the bugs that appear and updates to the app are fairly regular, so if you buy it check there often to get the new version.


Let’s talk about some of the more features Adminre brings to the table.

  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Coded beautifully with LESS
  • Ultra-responsive layout right out of the box
  • Jquery powered
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Sidebar summaries
  • Ajax dropdowns and condensed menus


What we liked

The most? The design played a big factor in the decision, also the clean layout was a big plus. We also liked the ultra-responsive feature. It is crisp clean and flat, just enough so it’s beautiful and not clutters your attention everywhere.


What we didn’t like

The lack of features maybe, but since the project is in it’s infancy, give it more time and I’m sure that JohnPozy will deliver.

Do we recommend

Yes, it’s a well rounded, crisp clean responsive admin theme that I would surely buy.

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