In our next review we will take a look at one of the fastest growing themes on the TF marketplace, the Stack theme. Stack was built by the team over at tommusrhodus. From the get-go it promises to have a highly modular approach for pages and it features also over 150 pages and over 280 UI modules.

This means we can use Stack for multiple projects if you are a agency that tries to work with multiple clients on the same time (You need to buy the Extended licence).

As usual we are going to analyze the multiple aspects of this theme to give you a better understanding of the features and work you need to put into the template to make it look how you want it. Also we will talk about the performance, responsive flow and layout of the wordpress template and overall issues that might be left off. For the end we will reserve some time to talk about pricing, documentation and installation.

If it ain’t broke make it better. That’s my motto when building new apps for trending and bold clients. And this is the exact thing that Tom did with Stack, a lean mean wordpress template that can handle anything you can throw at it. If it’s a design agency that you are looking to build or a nice new e-commerce shop Stack can handle that.

Blazing fast with the latest version of Wordpress

The main thing in this age is speed when it comes to sites on the web, even if the internet speed has doubled even tripled in the last few years this doesn’t mean that we don’t need blazing fast websites and wordpress templates. The reason for this is mobile.

The template loads and looks good. We could not do a full load benchmark because the template is loaded in a iframe window that requires connection to the envato API. Even so, by inspecting the template and going trough the various JS and CSS files we saw that there was no optimization nor concatenation of the files.

This is not something to be afraid of when purchasing this template, but a proper optimization of static assets can be done in order to increase performance of the site.


Next, I want to take a look in the network tab and see how well Stack performs when dealing with animations and animation performance.

In my opinion, a well rounded site needs to be very performant when run on a mobile device. And that means not the latest devices but also we need to keep a open eye out for backward compatibility with lower end devices. Having a nicely animated wordpress theme might hurt your end users if it’s not optimized properly.


The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that most of the wordpress templates that implicate parallax scrolling in the design often are very poorly optimized for performance. Stack does this very well and altho there are some places with long frames that cause jank (stuttering of the screen on mobile) most of the timeline is clear and performant.

How does a multipurpose wordpress template handle responsive design?

The answer? Very good! Stack has over 180 layout options and with the use of Bootstrap’s responsive grid and classes, everything looks very good on mobile and is perfectly built for any device.

It works right out of the box and it’s very responsive to say at least. The only thing that is not perfect is the parallax background keeps flashing when you scroll the app. Other than that, everything looks pristine.

Is this template multi-purpose? Yep!

Next, I want to talk a little bit about the features that Stack brings to the table. First there is roughly 9.400 wordpress templates available on ThemeForest and all of them are doing some sort of feature or gimmick to appeal to their customers. So how is Stack better? Short answer it’s not but what it does, it does better than the competition.

150 Pages to choose from

One thing I like about Stack is that I can turn my site into everything I want in a flash without buying a new template every time. With over 150 layouts to choose from I can have a new landing page in no time.

For example if I am a trainer and I want to start a mentoring/fitness training business I can do that in a few clicks. Also the content management is very good and let’s you churn out layouts with WordPress Variant.

280 Modules

Stack has over 280 modules to choose from that can get you started in the right direction. These module can help you mix and match the layout you want. Not every wordpress template will be exactly how you imagined your site to be so inevitably customizations are required. Why pay someone to do that when you can do it yourself with the same quality.

What can I get besides a WordPress template

For starters, you get Variant that is available in stack, a new kind of page builder specifically made to get you up and running with the least amount of work possible from your end.

Another cool plugin you get is Visual Composer that you inevitably saw within multiple WordPress templates across Themeforest. The idea is the same for Visual Composer as it is for Variant you will create your pages with ease using predefined modules.

Next up on our list is the  slider revolution plugin that will get you a nice looking slider for desktop and mobile.

Other features:

  • Continued support from the Stack’s team.
  • Color options
  • WooCommerce layouts
  • and more…


Should you buy this? The short answer is yes, you should. It’s a well rounded, strongly built wordpress template with a lot of layout options that you can use on multiple occasions. The price tag is 59$ for a site that can save you hundreds in freelance/specialist customizations.